Aquavit Bath Concepts presents to you the Sanitary Ware and Bathroom Furniture Collections under the brand name of Aquavit to beautify your bathrooms.

Aquavit takes the eminence bath essence, the exquisite craft and elegant raw materials as the principal elements in its design craft. It receives its spirit from Italy, Spain, Turkey and China, unifies the oriental body and esthetic idea and caters to the modern aspirations.

Aquavit is manufactured with advanced technology and modern production equipments. It provides its discerning customers top-class products and healthy, excellent and better enjoyment of life by its quick, professional and thoughtful services. It creates a perfect closet time for a modern home life.

This is our goal - offering you a comfortable, soothing and intelligent ambience. Our life long and water saving products pass through the strictest quality management system assessment. By its modern and contemporary fashion styles, the Aquavit brand imparts sheer individuality and finest possible quality and has won consumers’ favor and trust.

Aquavit continuously works for bringing new products, reinforced service and sales, and strives harder to create more beautiful and free spirited bathroom environment.