Thermostatic System


Thermostatic mixer can keep accurate temperature during your shower. It can help you avoid any water temperature change during your shower, even if someone flushes the toilet or uses the kitchen faucet, the shower water temperature for you will not change.



Thermostatic mixer delivers water at the required temperature and reacts instantly once you turn on water. Each thermostatic mixer features the Scalding proof design and Safety Button resulting in an automatic shut-off rapidly in the event of a cold water supply failure to prevent scalding. Each thermostatic mixer is equipped with a 38℃ Safety Button.





The concise design of close-to-wall,big plate surface and integrated shower holder exemplify a most functional bath mixer,adding a luxurious chemistry to your bathroom.



Thermostatic concealed mixer

Make temperature adjustment become so easy

With the fine VERNET thermostatic valve, the thermostatic concealed mixer remains a constant temperature regardless of changes in water supply. The integrated structure inside the wall is easy for installation and the part outside the wall is easy for replacement or lengthening. This tailored product is widely accepted in sauna bathhouse and star hotels.